Xel’is de Toro Invisible Bridges

Have just finished three artworks for  texts by the Galician writer Xel’is de Toro  for his book Invisible Bridges funded by The Arts Council. I chose two texts which I have pasted below. The mood of his writing is intensely personal and has a beautiful dreamlike quality and I strongly recommend it.

The brief was completely open, the only criteria was to finish by the deadline.

The book will be published by the Pighog press in May this year who will be at the London Book Fair on the 16th until the 18th of April, amongst other events you can see on this link:


I am not here
I live in an intimate moment and in the time that an eye needs to weep a tear towards a horizon yet to be invented.



The art of hatred
I will drink the blood of your children so that nobody remembers your name on this earth. I will destroy the paths
along which you travel to confuse those who walk with you. With the stone of your home I will build a wall
to stop you from seeing and I will not tear out your eyes, I prefer to witness the suffering of one who has eyes but cannot see. Your destruction is my great creation.